The Cursed Treasure of Cleopatra

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STANDBY! (Preparations Before Starting the Game)

Let's Start this Famicom Disk System Game!
First of all, connect your Famicom System, RAM Adapter and Disk System properly. Then, turn the power on. In case you see the screen showed below, insert your Disc Card with its SIDE A facing up. In case you still can't see a proper loading screen, check and repeat the above steps.

If everything is done properly, you will see the "NOW LOADING..." screen. You might not see this screen if you insert the Disc Card without SIDE A facing up.

If you can see the Title Screen like one shown below, press the Start Button. If you did something wrong, you need to refer to the "Important Things to Remember" section and will have to follow the tips provided there.

CAUTION - Pay attention to whether the red light is on!
Whenever you see the red light on, you should never touch the EJECT or RESET buttons on your console. You should not switch the power off either! Otherwise you may can damage the Disc Card and won't be able to play the game at all! Read the console system manual carefully, please!


(1) Main Screen You can instantly figure out where you are right now from the main screen.
(2) Message Window You can read various information from the main screen. When you see the symbol, press the A Button to continue.
(3) Command Window Here you can see the commands you can use. In case you see the sign, press the B Button to see additional commands.

Choose a Command with the Cross Button and confirm your choice with the A Button. Press the A Button in case you see the "PUSH A" message in the Command column. You can also cancel any command with the Start Button.

Basic Commands - GO
This command is used to advance forward on the screen. The same command can be also used inside buildings.

Choose your direction with the B Button!
When you select "Go", you can see the directional arrow on the screen. Press the B Button to choose your way to go. With every single press, your direction changes. As soon as you're all set, press the A Button to advance. Don't forget that you can't see an arrow in case you can't go that way (e.g., in case you're facing a locked door).

Basic Commands - TRAVEL TO AREA
This command lets you go to other buildings and locations. Even some remote places can be reached in a jiffy.

No pain, no gain!
You can't use the "Travel to Area" command to reach a place you don't know about. For example, you can't leave the town of Giza in the beginning of the game, but after having collected some gossip around local shops, you'll be able to choose "The Sphinx" in your Command Menu. (In fact, you might need a certain item to move). This might be information about a place, local gossip, carvings on the walls in ruins... So, be sure to check everything thoroughly.

Basic Commands - EXAMINE ITEMS
This group includes the "Examine Items" command to look through your items, and the "Use Item" command to use them.

You can hold up to 12 items in your inventory at the same time.
Your can hold up to 12 items at the same, including your items and equipment. As soon as you fill it to the max and don't want an item at a certain moment of the game, you can sell it at the related shop. You don't want to trudge through a difficult dungeon for a certain item just to return to town empty-handed since your inventory is full, and you can't hold it, do you? So, be sure to sell unnecessary items at the right time. Just make sure you don't need them anymore.

Basic Command - LOAD,SAVE
These commands are used to preserve or restore your game data from the game Disc Card.

Save whenever you think it's necessary!
You never know what traps are awaiting for you in game. So, don't forget to save your game whenever you feel appropriate. If you save just before battling a tough enemy, you can restore your game even if you lose the fight! Also, don't forget to save the game when you want to take a break! Just be careful since you have only one save slot. In case you save in the middle of trouble, that's exactly where you will reappear when loading the game!

Basic Command - STATUS
This command lets you view your condition as well as money in possession.
HP means your health points. When this value reaches zero, it's game over.
EXP stands for experience. As soon as you earn enough experience, you raise your Level and raise your Health.
G means gold or your money. You will have only 200G in the beginning of the game. So, don't waste it!

Pay attention to your Command Menu when advancing through the game. The commands like "Turn" or "Attach" are not available all the time so don't miss those. As soon as you match the above commands with what you see on the game screen, you'll instantly know what to do next.

COMBAT! (As soon as you meet an enemy, you're in the Battle Mode.)

As soon as you encounter a foe around the town or in the Sand Tower, you enter the Battle Screen. Here, you can select from the three available commands, which are "Fight", "Use Item" and "Flee". Let's consider every possible situation.

This command is used to defeat a foe with your weapon. In case you meet a strong opponent, you won't be able to knock it down with a single blow, so you'll have to use this command several times. As soon as you win a fight, you earn some experience and money!

You can use some items from your inventory in battle. It might not be important in a common fight, but it is of great use when fighting against special enemies.

In case you meet a powerful adversary on your lower levels, you'd better run for it. It is also recommended that you flee when you don't have a weapon equipped or are low on health. There may be a time you're unlucky enough to get attacked by an enemy and then you can't flee. In case you fail to escape, you will receive the enemy's attack without a chance to respond.

TOWN GUIDE (Starting the Game from Town)

The game starts in the city of Giza. Though it's swarming with thieves and its civil order is poor, it contains many shops which will be vital on your adventure. Your first priorities should be to prepare your equipment and gather information.

There are many different shops which can help you in your adventure.

Aunt Amada
The woman known as Aunt Amada manages the inn while taking care of three rambunctious children. Whenever you're weary from battle, feel free to take a rest here and recover your HP. Spending the night will restore your HP to the maximum for your current level. Regardless of how many HP you need to recover, a night's stay costs 50G. Be sure to keep at least this much money on you at all times in case of an emergency. Resting here will also tell you how many EXP you need for your next level.

This is the first place you should visit on your adventures to buy a weapon. Even though the knife would be the most powerful weapon you can afford then, it's still better than bare arms. You can also buy a better sword or armor here as soon as you save on some coins. Muhammad, the owner of this shop, is an experienced sword dancer and knife enthusiast.

Items sold at the Weapon shop
Knife 100G It's a cheap weapon with attack strength to match.
Cutlass 2,000G This sword forged from steel is also the strongest weapon you can buy in the city.
Lamellar Armor 20,000G It's an armor made from leather covered in metal plates.
Cypher Shield 5,000G This two-foot shield boosts defense.

Old Man Aladdin
This is a shop where you can buy a bunch of useful items as well as sell those you don't need anymore. Its keeper, Aladdin, can tell you a lot about ancient relics.

Items sold at the Item shop
Map 100G This map bears antique names of places in the vicinity.
Match 100G It's a somewhat large match. It's good for starting fires.
Rope 200G This is a sturdy rope, suitable for mountain climbing.
Lantern 200G It's a battery-powered brass lantern. This will be vitally important in dark places.
Flute 800G This flute is an ancient instrument of sepulchral tone.

The local souvenir shop is run by an exceptionally pretty owner. Her beauty lets her double her sales! Be sure to talk to her whenever you visit the shop. The goods sold in here can't be used in battle, but perhaps you can buy a good gift here if you have a coin to spare.

Items sold at the Souvenir shop
Figure 65,000G This ornamental figure is in the shape of a pyramid. It's worth quite a bit.
Flute 500G This flute was snapped in two at some point.
Amulet 200G This charm is in the shape of a sacred scarab beetle.

You can't relax when in town!
Even here you can be attacked by one of the enemies shown below. It is recommended that you fight these foes in the beginning to earn some starting experience.
Crooked Trader Bandit Thief
These foes are rather weak compared to other two types. But they have tons of money on so be sure to defeat them! These little scoundrels usually loiter around the town. They might be rather tough opponents in the beginning of the game. This one is basically the boss of the town, so you're recommended to run in case you meet him when your level is low.


Get your equipment ready when in town!
As soon as the game starts, you should head straight to Muhammad's and buy a Knife. Before that, you should not under any conditions attack enemies even if you encounter them! Just run away as fast as you can. When barehanded, your chances to win a fight a close to null. After you've equipped a knife, you should earn some money and EXP by fighting only Crooked Traders for a while. You are not advised to fight other opponents since they're way too strong for you right now.

Collect information!
You can level up or collect information from shopkeepers when roaming around the town. Both activities are very important. You will easily guess whose and what information is important. Pay special attention to gossip about various locations.
There's no need to take notes, which is very useful. By gathering new data, you'll be able to visit more and more new locations. You can select between five different places to visit; solve the mystery and there might be one more.

Let's Get to the Map
When you're around a maze like the Town, proceed further while drawing a map. Without a map, you can easily get lost in a dungeon or even on your way to the shop, so this is serious! It might sound bothersome at first, but when you're done with the Map, it will be very useful further in the game. Check the illustration on the right below an as an example.
Game Screen Example Map
For example, see a screenshot with the Inn above. That place is marked with the ? sign on the map example.

If you ever get stuck, try thinking over it once again!
Think carefully and calmly on what you have seen or done in your way. Is your Level sufficient enough? Maybe you have forgotten to do something somewhere? Try using all the commands where and when available as well as using your items. You will definitely find out something new. In case you still can't find a solution, try consulting with your friend.

We wish you well on your quest!!
Well, in case you're this far in the manual, you're all set for some adventure. From now on, you can only rely on your strength and wits. Solve the riddles on your way and find the Tear of Isis as soon as possible. You're the only one who can defeat evil spirits and save the world!!!

MONSTERS' MANUAL (These are the monsters you're gonna face (meet on your way))

Sand Tower Group
A huge scorpion with potent poison at hand. It's an owner of rock-solid scales and a pair of scissors-sharp pincers.
Red Bats
These bats roam around the tower and always attack in a group of three. These enemies are not very strong.
An image of one of ancient Egypt's gods cast by an evil spirit. He's a belligerent foe with high attacking capacity.

He's another evil spirit that took the form of a god. Take care of its strange black sorcery!!
This might be the royal symbol of the ancient Egypt, but it came under influence of evil gods and now attacks humans.

Guardians of the treasure inside the Sand Tower
Grass Naga
It's a serpent with a human head. Comparing to other Nagas, this one's offensive capacity is rather weak.
Thunder Naga
It's a medium level Naga: a magic user capable of casting lightning spells.

Fire Naga
It's a serpent covered with flaming scales from head to toe. Its fire-breathing skills need special attention.
King Naga
It's the leader of the Naga clan. It likes casting the magic of hypnotism, then attacking it's sleeping target.

Underground Temple Group
He was a warrior who was buried in one of the Egyptian burial mounds. Originally he was strong in combat.
He's a lizard-man living underground. What else would you expect of a deity known as Sobek? Except for the fact that he's very smart...

It's a winged lion with a human head. It's capable of breathing fire and possesses enormous physical strength.
Karado is a formidable foe covered with mystery. Meeting Karado means you have reached the final stop in your journey!

CAUTION! (Important Things to Remember)

Disk Cards are much more delicate than game Cartridges. So play and treat them with great caution!

Handle the Disk Card carefully!
Through the little opening on its body, you can see the magnetic film inside the Disc Card. You should absolutely never touch this section with your fingers!!! In case you make it dirty or damage it, you might not be able to play the game!

  • Heat
      Keep the Disc Card away from sources of heat or moisture. Whenever you don't play it, keep it in a cool and well-ventilated place!!
  • Dust
      Keep the Disc Card clean of dirt and dust! At the same time, don't expose it to direct sunlight!
  • Magnets!
      In case you bring your Disc Card close to a magnet, it will erase your game. Since some TV sets and radios have powerful magnets installed, keep your Disc Card away from those.
  • Do not fold or bend the disk!
      Do not even attempt to step on or bend the Disc Card! As soon as you finish playing, put it back to its plastic case.
When the Disk System stops working properly...
When the Disk System not function normally, you're going to be warned that something is wrong with a message on the screen. In case you see a system error on your Disk System, refer to the table below to determine the cause.
Error Message Solutions
ERR. 01
The Disc Card is not inserted properly. Take it out and re-insert it.
ERR. 02
The voltage on the disc drive is too low. You might need to replace the batteries with a new one.
ERR. 03 The copy protect tab is broken. Use another Disc Card or fix the broken tab with tape.
ERR. 04 An unknown Disc Card is inserted. Please, check the Disc, its manufacturer and try again.
ERR. 05 An unknown Disc Card is inserted. Please, check the Disc, its title and try again.
ERR. 06 An unknown version of the Disc Card is inserted. Please, check the Disc and try again.
ERR. 07
The wrong side of the Disc Card is inserted.
ERR. 08 The Disc Card is inserted in the wrong order. Please, check that you've put in the correct Disc and try again.
ERR. 20~ Please consult with a store or retailer chain you bought your Disc Card at.

Thank you very much for purchasing this DOG product. The product is very delicate, so treat it with proper care so you could enjoy it for a long time.

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