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Our Goal

To translate Japanese console games and manuals into English releasing only what we consider to be 100% complete translations.

Generally these are the games we choose to work on...

Completed Projects

Games that we have finished translating and/or enhancing and utilities that have been released to the public.
Click on any picture to go to the page. Newest ones are at the top...
(#) is the order of project start dates.

NEW - MAY 10, 2020
(26) FDS
Demonic Castle Dracula Title Screen
Demonic Castle Dracula
NEW - MAY 3, 2020
(25) NES
Nekketsu Fighting Legend Title Screen
(4 Player) Nekketsu Fighting Legend
NEW - APRIL 26, 2020
(28) NES
Bomberman Title Screen
Bomberman (Password Nirvana)
(23) NES
Burnin' Twinbee Title Screen
Burnin' Twinbee - The Rescue of Dr. Cinnamon!
(22) FDS
Cleopatra Title Screen
The Cursed Treasure of Cleopatra
(12) NES
Pocket Zaurus Title Screen
Pocket Zaurus - Swords of the Ten Kings
(15) FDS
BodyConQuest I Title Screen
BodyConQuest I - Girls Exposed
(21) NES
The Miracle of Almana Title Screen
The Miracle of Almana
(13) NES
The Glory of Heracles Title Screen
The Glory of Heracles -
Labors of the Divine Hero (Rev. B)

Rev. B was released after
BodyConQuest I - Girls Exposed.
(20) Utility
ROM Expander Pro
ROM Expander Pro
(19) FDS
Puzzle Boys Title Screen
Puzzle Boys

(17) NES
Valkyrie's Adventure Title Screen
Valkyrie's Adventure - Legend of the Time Key
(16) NES
King Kong Lives Title Screen
King Kong Lives - Megaton Punch of Rage
(10) NES
Romanica Title Screen
Dragon Slayer Jr. - Romancia
(4) Utility
Table Dumper Pro
Table Dumper Pro
(11) NES
Gorby Title Screen
Gorby's Pipeline
(3) NES
Portopia Title Screen
The Portopia Serial Murder Case
(Rev. B & Manual Rev. B2)

Rev. B was released between
Valkyrie's Adventure and Puzzle Boys.
(8) NES
Antarctic Adventure Title Screen
Antarctic Adventure
(6) NES
Kart Fighter Title Screen
Kart Fighter
(5) NES
Door Door Title Screen
Door Door
(2) NES
3-D Worldrunner - Part II Title Screen
JJ Jump Out! - The Epic War - Part II
(1) NES
Dragons of Flame Title Screen
AD&D DragonLance 2 - Dragons of Flame

Current Projects

Games that we are working on...

(12) NES

An traditional RPG but with action battles; third in the series...

Finding the pointer tables for this was extremely difficult, but DvD finally found the pointer to the first NPC!

Accomplished: Title Screen Hacked, Script Located, Pointer to first NPC finally found

Currently: aishsha translating what has actually been dumped
(24) NES

An action game; second in the series...

This controller localization has become so much more...
It's 100% ready for release, but I'm holding off because I started on major final enhancement.

Accomplished: Level editor can now save to battery and offers many options not originally available

Currently: Adding a completly new level editor that never exsited in the original game
(7) SNES
Battle Racers Title Screen
Battle Racers

A pretty fun cart racer for the SNES that uses the same DSP chip as Super Mario Kart (1 or 1B). It might be the only SNES cart racer not released in the US.

Accomplished: Uncompressed Graphics Translated/Hacked

Currently: Searching for Compressed Graphics
(18) SegaCD

Shining Force CD

DvD wants to make a hack of the NA release of Shining Force CD so that you can play the third scenario without the need of a SegaCD memory backup cart.

Accomplished: Almost nothing.

Currently: Trying to find the right set of tools or people to help

Cancelled Projects

Games that someone else translated completely before we got far enough to matter...

(9) NES
Esper Dream 2 Title Screen
Esper Dream 2

Aeon Genesis translated Esper Dream 2 before we got very far. No biggie, that just made the game more fun for me to play!
Non Directional Translations's
GundeadliGne Screen

DvD completed most of the graphics hacking for this translation, before it had to be abandoned. All of the graphics behind the original text had to be regenerated to allow English text to be put on it. DvD recreated the graphics and added the new text. It was a very tedious task. Unfortunately it will never be released since the official translation can now be purchased. :-(

Translation Links

Be sure to check out ROMhacking.net, where you can get the latest news on everything in the world of ROM translations.

Testers, Manual Editors, etc.

Questions or Comments?

Feel free to email DvD at: dvdtranslations at yahoo dot com