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Labors of the Divine Hero

Rev. B Patch Released: October 25, 2014

Rev. A Patch Released: December 23, 2011


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Screen Shots

Title Password Entry Athens
Battle with Pnoton Weapon Shop Battle with Mad Dog
Search the Water Iron Boar Heavenly Realm

Game History

This turn based RPG by the now defunct Data East was originally a blatant Dragon Quest clone, but it changed dramatically before it was released. Its most unique feature is that the transition from overworld to towns is seamless as the towns are part of the overworld. NPCs can even walk outside of the towns.

This game was the start of one of DECO's two main game series, the other series being the puzzler Magical Drop.

Until recently, none of the games in the series were not released outside of Japan, although II (NES) and III (SNES) have been completely translated. IV (SNES) and the gaiden (GB), are currently being translated by aishsha and Translation Corporation, respectively. IV was released on the Wii in Japan, probably to build up interest in the DS game.

Check out the readme for more details.

DvD started this project a long time ago, well before he had any idea that a new game in the series was in the works. Since then, Herakles no Eikou V has come out on the DS, made by a new company called Paon, who is supposedly made up of former Data East employees, and published by Nintendo.

Herakles no Eikou: Tamashii no Shoumei
Released on May 22, 2008
DS Box Front Japan

A surprise to all of us, the US got its first official release of a Heracles game! It is published by NOA.

Glory of Heracles
Released on January 18, 2010
DS Box Front Japan
DvD got it for his birthday in 2010. Go out and buy it!


Released on June 12, 1987 for the Famicom

Box Front and Back
Box Front Box Back

Project History

Map of Ancient Greece
87 Cart Front & Back
87 Cart Front 87 Cart Back

88 Cart Front & Back
88 Cart Front 88 Cart Back




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