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Swords of the Ten Kings

Patch Released: May 25, 2015


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Originally released on February 27, 1987 for the Famicom by Bandai.

Screen Shots

Title Screen: Before and After
Original Title Screen Title Screen

Demo Screen Dinosaur Island Start 1 Dinosaur Island Start 2
Enchanted Realm Egypt Quiz
Dinosaur Island Tunnel Cafe King Tutankham

Game History

The game calls itself a "Quiz Adventure" and it is quite unique; you will need to do a number of things to pass the game without cheating:
  1. You'll want to have a fully translated manual. The manual contains crossword puzzles, one for each level.
    If you answer a whole puzzle, which has clues based on things in the game, it gives a clue as to what to do to defeat the final boss.
  2. When you play the game, it gives you in game quizzes that, if you get them right, give you bonuses.
  3. When you beat the optional mini-bosses in each level, the game gives you a clue that allows you to get a clue from that level's boss.
    If collect all the clues from the level bosses it will tell you what you need to do to defeat the final boss.
  4. Whenever you die without having a Continue Mark, you will be given the option to face the final boss.
    You can do this to practice fighting the final boss, but you'll never win unless you've defeated all the level bosses.

Patch Features


Box Front and Back
Box Front Box Front

Cart Front and Back
Cart Front Cart Back

Shinji Hashimoto
The Bandai employee who you are supposed to be playing in the game.
He now works for Square-Enix. The first game he produced for them was Front Mission.
Hashimoto Hashimoto

The game is based on these stationary product/toys.
In Future World you will battle some of these toys as enemies. We've made a table to try to match the characters in the game to the toys.
Sprite Name in Game Name in Anime Function Left Picture Right Top Picture Right Bottom Picture
Puncher hole punch middle
Bubbles bubble blower
Stickum tape dispenser See Diplodo image below
tape dispenser
(Alt. Style)
middle top right
Hochikiratopus Stapler stapler middle
Scrubbing Jara pen/pencil case left, large
Mirror Mildas sewing set top
Kuttsuki Zaurus scissors
(Alt. Style)
lower left
Chokirandon Scissors scissors lower left
Shigamitsukiras pencil sharpener top left
Croonto Zaurus compass bottom right
(Alt. Style)
eraser bottom
Mecha Prontos highlighter
color matches case
upper right upper right
(Qty. 2)
black ball point pen lower right top middle
2 pencil clip erasers lower left
3 paper clips left
5 magnets lower right
Toys Toy Set
French Toys and Anime
Bandai released the toys in France as Diplodo.
C&D (Créativité et Développement) made an entire anime series based on the toys.
Diplodo toys Diplodo back of box Diplodo anime

Strategy Guides
and Family Computer Magazine
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Guide Bandai Guide Family Computer Magazine

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