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Patch Released: November 28, 2011


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Screen Shots

Title Screen
Title Screen
Some Menu Screens
Game Menu Screen Floor Men Screen How Many Rooms Screen
Floor Passed Screen Change Mode Screen Save Name Screen
Gameplay Screens
Puzzle Challenge Screen 1 Player Screen Vs. Mode Screen
Puzzle Challenge, 1 Player, Vs. Mode

Game History

Puzzle Boys is Atlus's first and only game for the Famicom Disk system. It is a very late game for the FDS.
It is the direct sequel to Puzzle Boy (aka Kwirk in North America), for the Gameboy, which is Atlus's very first release under their name.
Before Puzzle Boy, Atlus made the extremely popular Namco RPG Digital Devil Monogatari: Megami Tensei which unfortunately was only released in Japan.

The game features 80 puzzle floors in Puzzle Challenge game, plus likely more than 100 puzzle rooms for the 1 Player and Vs. Mode games.
The Vs. Mode is particularly fun and allows you to handicap the better player and choose the number of battles.
I find the game much more fun on an actual NES with a PowerPak which fully supports this FDS title.


We found some decent scans of the manual. Enjoy!
Manual (Disk Writer Version)
Manual Front Manual Back
Disk Media
Famicom Disk System

Disk Label A Disk Label B

I'm not sure if the game was ever released in box or with an in-box manual as no box or alternate box manual images can be found at this time.

Project History

Released today, our translation features: The screen shots above show just some of the translated text. There are more screens.
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