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Patch Released: October 28, 2021


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Ninja Gaiden was already localized for the North American market.
Although the game allows infinite continues, it is notoriously difficult to pass. Unless you want to leave your NES on for days, weeks, or months, you'll probably never pass it.

This enhanced version of Ninja Gaiden was created to correct this problem.
It allows restarting the game where you left off by use of a stage select feature.
The game we have enhanced was the one originally released for the North American Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989.

Screen Shots

Title Screen: Japanese, USA, and Enhanced
Famicom Title Screen Original NES Title Screen Enhanced NES Title Screen

Stage Select Screen: Stage 6-2
Stage Select Screen

Grammer Corrections
Grammer Corrections To Grammer Corrections Dragon

Game History

"Ninja Gaiden" was the largest action game series made by Tecmo before they merged with Koei.

"Ninja Ryukenden", the original Famicom name of the game, meaning Legend of the Ninja Dragon Sword, is the first game in the series. Three games in total were made for the Famicom and all three were released for the NES. All allow infinite continues but are still notoriously difficult to pass.

All three Ninja Gaiden games are themselves part of the parent series of Tecmo Theater games which were released for the Famicom, designed to have high quality cut scenes. Although Tecmo Theater Vol. 1 was also eventually released for the NES it was highly modified for the western market. The other three Tecmo Theater games were not released outside of Japan.

After the Famicom, Ninja Gaiden games continued to be made for many systems. The first three games were ported to the SNES.

Patch Features


Japanese Box Front and Back
Box Front Box Back

Project History

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