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Project Canceled !




The "someone" mentioned below turned out to be Pennywise from Stardust Crusaders Translations.

Well, someone over at MIJET who owns the game provided full scans of the manual! I turned it into a pdf and RadicalR has volunteered to host it. So have fun!

Also, he provided this scan of cool stickers that were also included with the game.
Stickers: Esper Dream 2 Stickers

Well, it's been a year since I canceled the project.
Due to a request, I decided to make this page to celebrate what would have been my translation of Esper Dream 2.

Enjoy these scans:
Famicom Box: Esper Dream 2 Box

Famicom Box, Cart, and Manual Front: Esper Dream 2 Box, Cart, and Manual Front

Famicom Cart: Esper Dream 2 Cart Esper Dream 2 Cart Iso

Esper Dream 1 & 2 Audio CD: Esper Dream 1 & 2 Audio CD

Because Aeon Genesis released their patch today, I decided to cancel the project.
Congratulations to Aeon Genesis for releasing a complete patch.
Although I was pretty proud of the font that I created for it and I had made a much slicker title screen that the Aeon Genesis version, I see no reason to continue. :(

Accomplished: Table Created, Custom Font Inserted, Title Screen Hacked
Was: Requesting the services of a translator / Too many other things to list!

When I decided to play through the game, I very much preferred looking at the title screen I had made.
Here's a screen shot of the ROM I created when I inserted my title screen into Aeon Genesis hacked ROM:

AG & DvD's Title Screen

I started working with the VWF font. I created the entire Courier font. It seemed appropriate for reading the pages of a book, which is what is happening whenever you are talking to anyone; see the screen on the right. As a contrast, to fit more text on the screen, Aeon Genesis switched to a strictly single tile wide font.

Here's some screen shots:
DvD's Font - Naming Screen DvD's Font - Equipment Screen DvD's Font - Text

I stared working with hacking the title screen.

Here's a screen shot:
DvD's Title Screen

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