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Girls Exposed

Patch Released: October 21, 2012


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Originally released on for the Famicom Disk System by Hacker International.

Screen Shots

Title Name Entry Disk 2 Side A
Wake Up Talk to King Visiting Shop 1
Teleport Overworld Dungeon

Game History

BodyConQuest I - Girls Exposed is an unlicensed, 2 disk, action RPG, Dragon Quest parody by Hacker International for the Famicom Disk system. Original release date is unknown.

Although officially the game's title is always written in all upper case, we've chosen to write title of BodyConQuest with mixed case to emphasize its dual meaning.
The English speaking world generally refers to both games as Body Conquest. This makes sense given the nature of the games.
But, another reading is Bodycon Quest . First, this game is a direct parody of games of the Dragon Quest series. Second, bodycon (short for body conscious), was the name of a Japanese fashion subculture among young women in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the main feature of which was wearing dresses closely fitted to their bodies.

The I and the Girls Exposed subtitle comes from both the box and manual, but are both not present in the game.
Although it is one of many hentai games released by Hacker for the FDS, I believe it is their only RPG for FDS, and the only hentai action RPG for the FDS.
Super Pig did release Gal's Dungeon: Yakyuuken - Part II a dungeon crawler in 1989. Spinner 8 and friends have already translated this game.
A sequel to this called Sexy Yakyuuken Adventure II was released in 1990.
Also, although Hacker released multi-disk utilities, this is the only multi-disk game they released.

The game features an Ys / Hydlide like battle system, multiple towns with NPCs, dungeons, bosses, and the usual magic, items, and equipment.
It also has a number of full screen images of women in various stages of dress. Although it's two disks, it's a relatively short game.

It has a sequel, released on the PC Engine called BodyConQuest II.
Contrary to this game, it is a turn based RPG like Dragon Quest. Although the graphics are much nicer, being made for the PCEngine, it doesn't look like, or really have anything to do with Dragon Quest.

Like all our other releases up to this point, the game runs fine on a PowerPak with one major problem: the PowerPak currently only supports single disk games. :( Still, if you know the secret code for viewing all the images in the game from the title screen, you can see what they look like on a TV, as they all reside on side B of disk 1.

Patch Features


Box, Manual, Disk Sleeves, Disks, and 3rd Party Joystick Warning Slip
Box Manual, Disks, and Warning Slip

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