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Legend of the Time Key

Patch Released: February 23, 2009


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This is the classic Namco Action RPG that started a series in Japan and was one of the very first RPGs released for the Famicom. The game is not difficult if you build your character up, but, unfortunately, this takes forever, especially since you lose any experience you made since you last visited an Inn... Unfortunately, none of the games in the series were released in North America.

This game had already been translated by another group. They did a good job on the configuration screen, but unfortunately, the group seriously mistranslated the title, mistranslated some text, missed some text altogether, and completely messed up the ending, which was already in English... well Engrish at least. DvD was trying to play through the game, but all the issues with the current translation detracted from the experience. Since the game had very little text to deal with, he decided this well known classic Namco Action RPG really needed someone to give it a more accurate translation.

This translation features: By the way, the screen shots below show all of the text edited in the game except for the ending (wouldn't want to spoil anything for ya) and the 11 other sun signs on the configuration screen.

Screen Shots

Title Screens: Original, Translation
Original Title Screen New Title Screen
Configuration and Password Entry Screens
Configuration Screen Password Entry Screen Bad Password Screen
Shop and Inn
Shop & Inn Outside Screen Shop Inside Screen Inn Inside Screen
Overworld Signs & Underworld
Danger Sign Screen Ride the Ship Sign Screen Underworld Screen
Note: The original game does a character ROM swap when you make it to the 3rd continent. If you choose to ride your boat back to the shores of the 2nd continent (there's no real reason to do this, but you can), you will see the graphics of the 2nd continent drawn using the 3rd continent's character ROM and palettes. This causes many changes. The well in the north and the border between the snow and grass in the south look espcially bad as they turn into letters of the English alphabet! Other changes just look odd, such as the cones turning into igloos on the grass and the "Ride the Boat" sign turning into a lion. Still others actually look pretty good, such as the 3rd continent monsters now inhabing the 2nd continent, which now has snow where there used to be sand.

This issue was present in the original game. Our translation neither caused the problem nor attempts to fix it.
VROM Swap North Screen VROM Swap South Screen
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