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Table Dumper Pro

Current Version: 15.12.14

Sorry to be so formal, especially since this is Freeware, but since I do not require an installer which forces you to read the license before installing, the people who make copyright law require me to say this...

Only after you have read and agree to the license contained in this ReadMe file and you still wish to download and use this software,

I can't see why you wouldn't agree, but if you don't, then please don't download or use the software...


A Multi-Processor Intelligent Customizable Dissasembler + Script Inserter + Script Dumper + File Comparator + Relative Searcher + Disk Splitter!

Remeber FCEUXD's goal of making an disassember which can produce clean code dumps that know what is data and what is code? As far as I know, they never realised this goal. But since I only discovered FCEUXD SP in 2008, I was thinking of the same thing and this is what Table Dumper Pro was designed to do. But, it goes far beyond specifying what is code and what is data. Not only can it format the data in an intelligent way, but it can take information out of one table use it to create other tables or pointers to pieces of code.

Table Dumper Pro Main Screen


Insert New Feature:
FDS File New Features:

File Compare New Features:
This fuction used to not be very good, but now, with some important tweaks it is now very useful for comparing differences between ROMs.
Text Inserter New Features: New Feature: Split FDS Files: Op Codes File New Feature:
Major and Minor Bug Fixes with Dump Text: Major and Minor Bug Fixes with Insert Text:
Finally, the initial version of Table Dumper Pro is released to the public.

Please use it to translate some great games so that I don't have to!

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