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Megaton Punch of Rage

Patch Released: June 9, 2008


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Konami made two games based on the American movie, King Kong Lives, released as King Kong 2 in Japan.
The first one, King Kong 2: ikari no MEGATON PUNCH for the Famicom, is what we have translated. It's just an action game.
The second one, KING KONG 2: yomigaeru densetsu, released for the MSX has already been translated. It is an action RPG game which looks like Metal Gear 1, but probably plays more like Zelda.

This translation started out as simply a title screen translation, but then I discovered 2 things: Of course, the big issue now was that someone was going to have to play the game to the end so we could have a savestate before the ending credits. And no one seemed to want to play it. Fortunately, I made a new friend from the Romancia release who gladly wanted to contribute to any of our translations, Damiano. He played through the game and got us all the save states we need.

Screen Shots

Title Screens: Original, First Translation, Current Translation
Original Title Screen 1st New Title Screen New Title Screen
2nd Best Ending (1 to 2 hr play time): Original, Translation
Original Ending New Ending
Additional UnTranslated Game Shots
1st Level Screen 1st Level Ending Screen

Paper Media

Famicom Game Box
Box Front Box Back
Japanese Release Movie Poster Original American Release Movie Poster
Poster Poster

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