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Kart Fighter

Patch Released: April 2, 2004


Patch v1.0 | ReadMe


Our web site mentioned in the readme was finally changed to dvdtranslations.eludevisibility.org.

a change in the web site mentioned in the readme. it's now www.geocities.com/dvdtranslations which is now DvD Translations' Official Home Page.

DvD translates game all by himself! well, we thought it was pretty cool anyway, so here it is, Kart Fighter for the NES. check the cart scan and screenies below and the patch above. mix and enjoy.

Famicom Cart:box front

title screenThis is an excellent rip-off of Super Mario Kart's title screen, in graphics, animation, and music. It's the best looking thing in the game really...

character selectionSo here we see the mostly a pretty decent rip-off of the Nintendo characters. Princess Peach looks totally wrong. I think they just wanted to make her look as hot as they could. Donkey Kong Jr. looks really dorky too.

fightingThis looks MUCH better than YOSSY vs. NOKONOKO!

high scoresContrary to what some people think, the original names were not wrong to avoid the the wrath of Nintendo, they were the Japanese names of the characters. English names look much better! Like the title screen, this screen is was nicely done.

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