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JJ Jump Out! The Epic War - Part II

Patch Released: November 13th, 2003


Patch v1.00 | ReadMe


Our web site mentioned in the readme was finally changed to dvdtranslations.eludevisibility.org.

Here's a box and cart scan of the game.

Famicom Box Front: Famicom Box Front

Famicom Cart: Famicom Cart
Here's are 3 scans of the Family Computer 3D System which works with the game.
Request that your emulator writers support this peripheral if you want to play the game in English in 3D!

Family Computer 3D System Box Front: Family Computer 3D System Box Front

Family Computer 3D System Box Back: Family Computer 3D System Box Front

Family Computer 3D System: Family Computer 3D System

a change in the web site mentioned in the readme. it's now www.geocities.com/dvdtranslations which is now DvD Translations' Official Home Page.

ok, sorry, the pictures weren't working there for a while, coz the webmistress had what we shall term a brain fart. they're back up now and we're having her treated. thank you for your concern.

*note: a slight change in the web site mentioned in the readme. it's now http://www.otaku-universe.net/~shiroi/translation/dvd.htm which is DvD's Official Home Page.*

Hello there, and welcome to the home page of DvD's translation of JJ Jump Out! The Epic War - Part II. man, how's that for a title. You can download the v1.00 patch, or you can look at just the readme, or you can get them both from romhacking dot net. Before any of that, however, I highly reccomend viewing the screenies.

athaathaa athaathaathaajapanese title: JJ tobidase daisakusen part 2. even in japanese it's a mouth full.

attack of the clonesdon't you love it when the sub-title is longer than the actual title.

room swapping it's like if the metroids went on a crazy color-blind redecorating binge.

door number 1 or door number 2?tropical island paradise or freezing hell-hole? well, whatever it is, those flame-y electric things can't be too comfy.

Geranimoooooo!i demand extra equipment for boss fights! where's my parachute! where's my--splat...

E.A. Poe's big gaming debutit's dark and scarey. and i'm not even in this shot. i want my mommeeeee!

@#!%*well, there are several things that Square says, but only a few of them are printable.

you're very welcomeaw, we even got a little orange heart thing! wait, is that really a heart? why's it orange? ... oh who cares, i know Square loves me!

that's all there is. there isn't -- any more!and here we must note that DvD drawed that all by his little lonesome. he's got programming skills, he can draw, isn't there anything this man can't do? well there better be, or i'm out one hobby!

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