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AD&D DragonLance 2 - Dragons of Flame

Patch Released: October 31st, 2003


Patch v1.03 | ReadMe


Our web site mentioned in the readme was finally changed to dvdtranslations.eludevisibility.org.

I found two scans which, together, show the box front & back, cart, and manual cover!

Famicom Box Front, Cart, and Manual Cover: Famicom Complete

Famicom Box Back: Famicom Box Back

a change in the web site mentioned in the readme. it's now www.geocities.com/dvdtranslations which is now DvD Translations' Official Home Page.

I can't find a scan of the Famicom box, so this will have to do...

Commodore 64 Box Front:C64 Box Front

ok, sorry, the pictures weren't working there for a while, coz the webmistress had what we shall term a brain fart. they're back up now and we're having her treated. thank you for your concern.

Happy -- oh wait, there's no holiday yet. well you wouldn't know it. there's christmas trees about to go up at the shopping strip down the street. ugh. anyhow, the important thing is that we have more screenies for your viewing pleasure. so have fun!

i'd like to thank all the little peoplethere are really just too many people who need to be credited here.

mass murders.well, looking back, that does make it sound like he wants to get in on the raping and plundering angle, but who knows, maybe he does?

tetsujin = iron man does anyone else here think those stone guys look like the tetsujin from mystic ark?

bees knees can be dangerousaahh! beware the bees! beware the-- oh wait this isn't on-line is it.

it's only a wonder he doesn't die in the endah yes the slightly effeminate Gilthanas. well, he's an elf, so we'll just call him bishounen. lit: pretty boy.

oh Ed, anything but blue... which is apparently blue. feel that old 8-bit lovin'.

that's not important, is it?excuse me mister, umm, you dropped something.

Happy Halloween! You'll notice a bit of a redesign, along with two new links up above us there. That's because DvD Translations is releasing v1.03 of the dragons_of_flame patch in the festive Halloween spirit. You can download the v1.03 patch, or you can look at just the readme, or you can get them both from Romhacking.net.

DvD has inserted all the text, and is play-testing the crap out of it at this moment. We should see the patch at the Whirlpool before long. Yippie! In the meantime, enjoy these screenshots:

We begin in --the middle!? Like all good games, we begin in --the middle!? Well, this game fits into the larger DragonLance story line.

Oh yay, you're all here!Geez, eight party members? They're all heroes though, so I guess it's all right.

give me some of that old fashioned cleric lovin'!And of course, your normal compliment of White Mage --I'm sorry, Cleric spells. The Wagnarian valkyrie is Goldmoon, and next to her is her (future?) husband, Riverwind. Don't they make a lovely couple?

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