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(Password Nirvana)

Patch Released: April 26, 2020


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This is NOT a translation.

Bomberman was already localized for the North American market.
But, the password system was so difficult to use that it made saving and continuing the game an unpleasant experience.

This enhanced version of Bomberman was created to correct this problem.
The game we have enhanced was the one originally released for the North American Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987.
Although, the only difference between the Famicom and NES version of the game is the title screen and the ending screen.

Screen Shots

Title Screen: Japanese, USA, and Enhanced
Famicom Title Screen Original NES Title Screen Enhanced NES Title Screen

Password Screen: Enhanced Bad Password
Enhanced NES Bad Password

Ending Screen: Japanese and USA
Famicom Ending NES Ending

Game History

Patch Features


Box Front and Back
Box Front Box Back
Famicom Complete Set
Famicom Complete

Project History

3.May.2020 26.April.2020 4.April.2020 31.March.2020 28.March.2020 27.March.2020 26.March.2020 24.March.2020 1.March.2020
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