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Patch Released: April 16, 2022


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Mad City was already localized for the North American market as The Adventures of Bayou Billy.
Although the game allows you to collect extra health, life, and bullet power ups, it does not have infinite continues, and is notoriously difficult to pass.

This enhanced version of The Adventures of Bayou Billy was created to correct this problem.
It allows inifinite continues on the game and the ability to continue the game where you left off by use of a stage select feature.
The game we have enhanced was the one originally released for the North American Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989.

Screen Shots

Title Screen: Japanese, USA, and Enhanced
Famicom Title Screen Original NES Title Screen Enhanced NES Title Screen

Stage Select Screen: Round 1 Stage 6
Stage Select Screen

Game History

"The Adventures of Bayou Billy,", known as "Mad City" when it was relesed in Japan was the first of three games Konami made for the NES Zapper. All 3 mixed Zapper levels with other elements such as platforming, racing, flying, etc. None require the Zapper, yet due to the rest of the content, they are probably the best Zapper games made for the NES. The Konami LaserScope Voice Command Optical Targeting Headset peripheral was designed specifically to play Laser Invasion but the Zapper can be used as well.

All 3 were released in the US, only the first 2 in Japan, and only Bayou Billy was released in Europe and Australia.

Name Date Country
Mad City August 12, 1988 Japan
The Adventures of Bayou Billy June 1989 USA
The Adventures of Bayou Billy January 24, 1991 Europe
Gun Sight March 15, 1991 Japan
Laser Invasion June 1991 USA
The Lone Ranger August 1991 USA

The Lone Ranger is an excellent game and the best of the 3. It even has a password save. If you own it, you have probably passed every stage (except likely the final boss as they ridculously ramped up the difficulty there). The problem with Bayou Billy is that when Konami released it in the USA, they made the whole game rediculously hard. It's a shame, because they ruined an otherwise great game.

This is what this level select hack fixes. It turns this into the Lone Ranger, esentially giving the game a password save.

Patch Features


Japanese Flyer Front and Back
I think the flyer really reflects how Konami felt about this game.
Flyer Front Flyer Back

Project History

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