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Antarctic Adventure

Patch Released: February 3rd, 2005


Patch v1.0 | ReadMe


Our web site mentioned in the readme was finally changed to dvdtranslations.eludevisibility.org.

a change in the web site mentioned in the readme. it's now www.geocities.com/dvdtranslations which is now DvD Translations' Official Home Page.

3.February.2005 (New scans 14.August.2007)
Well here it is folks, the patch, readme, and scans! Yippie!

Famicom Box, Cart, and Manual Front: Box, Cart, and Manual Front

Famicom Box, Cart, and Manual Back: Box, Cart, and Manual Back

Famicom Cart: Cart

seems DvD found another short little game, kekkyoku nankyoku daibouken. literally Eventually Antarctic Big Adventure. along with Yie Ar Kung-Fu it's the first game Konami released for the Famicom! he cleaned up the fonts a little and translated the singular japanese word, which turned out to be South Pole. here's some screenies, watch for the Patch and readme.

title screenthe title screen. really they're not supposed to prevent too much trouble to hack. too bad no one told the antarctic adventure people that... let's just say, it was harder than it looks.

cleaned up fontscleaned up fonts are always good!

stage completeyeah! we finished a stage!

mapcome vacation in the frosty SOUTH POLE!

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